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Search ‘Russia’ AND ‘Dictator’ in entire document, AFTER 1854 = 16,075 results

Tsars Of Russia

Communist Russia

The Independent Russian Federation

Tsars Of Russia (1855-1917)

Search ‘Alexander II’ as a Keyword, On 1855 = 52 Results

                             “Alexander II, Czar Of All The Russias”, The Lady’s Newspaper, March 17, 1855; Pg. 161

Manifesto Of The Emperor Of Russia
The Cork Examiner; March 16, 1855

Peace Or War
The Boston Daily Atlas; March 29, 1855

Europe Again Menaced With Peace
The Sunday Times; September 23, 1855; Pg. 2

Search ‘Alexander II’ And ‘Great Reform’ in Entire Document, Between 1855 And 1881 = 24 Results
Affairs In Russia
The New York Herald; August 9, 1858; Pg. 3

The Emancipation Of The Russian Serfs
Daily News; March 26, 1861

Russian Law Reform
Glasgow Herald; December 3, 1862

Search ‘Alexander III’ as a Keyword And ‘Conservative’ in Entire Document, Between 1881 And 1894 = 24 Results
Alexander III And General Ignatieff
The Pall Mall Gazette; May 19, 1881

The Internal State Of Russia
Daily News; November 16, 1887

The Anti-German Feeling In Russia
Bismarck Daily Tribune; April 6, 1890

Personal Politics
The Penny Illustrated Paper And Illustrated Times; October 27, 1894

Search ‘Nicholas II’ And ‘Massacre’ or ‘Nicholas II’ And ‘Gapon’ in Entire Document, After 1893 = 175 Results
The “Little Father” And His Children
The Economist; January 28, 1905; Pg. 122

The Tsar And His People
The Times; November 4, 1905; Pg. 5

“Nicholas II, Emperor Of All The Russias”; The Penny Illustrated Papers And Illustrated Times; December 30, 1905; Pg. 421

The Russian Crisis
The Times; July 25, 1906; Pg. 5

The Days That Changed The World

The Sunday Times; Alan Moorehead; January 26, 1958; Pg. 13

Search ‘Nicholas II’ And ‘War’ And ‘Japan’ in Entire Document, After 1903 = 177 Results
Russia And Japan
The Times; January 5, 1904; Pg. 3

Russian Feeling On The War
The Times; October 22, 1904; Pg. 8

The Cry For Peace

Illustrated London News; June 10, 1905; Pg. 824

Search ‘Nicholas II’ in Entire Document And 'Duma' as a Keyword, After 1904 = 20 Results

The Duma And The Czar
The Economist; May 12, 1906; Pg. 791

Dissolution Of The Duma
The Times; June 17, 1907; Pg. 5

The Third Duma
The Western Times; November 13, 1907; Pg. 2

Search ‘Russia’ And ‘Revolution’ as Keywords, After 1916 = 1,743 Results
Democracy Strikes A Great Blow In Russia
Daily Mail; March 16, 1917; Pg. 5

Revolution In Russia
The Times; March 16, 1917; Pg. 6

The Russian Revolution And Russian War Finance

The Economist; March 17, 1917; Pg. 504

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Communist Russia

Search ‘Bolshevist’ And ‘Red Terror’ in Entire Document, After 1916 = 154 Results
The Russian Terror
The Times; September 25, 1918; Pg. 9

Bolshevik Battles
The Western Times; January 20, 1919

Toll Of Bolshevist Atrocities
The Times; February 27, 1919

Search ‘Stalin’ And ‘Great Purge’ in Entire Document, After 1930 = 169 Results

Stalin “Purges” His Banks
Daily Mail; September 4, 1936

Soviet Purge Continues

The Sunday Times; February 7, 1937; Pg. 21

The Red Army Purge
The Times; June 11, 1937

                                 “Did Stalin Poison Lenin?” Leon Trotsky; Liberty Magazine; August 10, 1940; Pg. 23

The Purgers And The Purged

Punch Historical Archive; Malcolm Muggeridge And Hollowood; January 28, 1953; Pg. 144

Search ‘Stalin’ And ‘Red Army’ as Keywords, After 1938 = 337 Results
Cosacks To Attack The Finns
Daily Mail; O. Kavling; December 30, 1939;

“Bridge Of Corpses”
The Times; February 23, 1940; Pg. 7

Stalin’s Order Of The Day
The Economist; February 28, 1942

Search ‘Stalin’ in Entire Document And ‘Berlin Blockade’ as a Keyword, After 1947 = 51 Results
Berlin Blockade
The Times; July 10, 1948; Pg. 3

Berlin: Stalin Seeking Two Concessions
Daily Mail; Walter Farr; August 11, 1948; Pg. 1

Kremlin May Want To Exploit Berlin Blockade
The Sunday Times; O.H. Barndon; August 22, 1948; Pg. 1

                       “Surviving Under Pressure In The Beleaguered City”, The Sunday Times; August 07, 1988; Pg. 3

Search ‘Stalin’ in Entire Document And ‘Doctors Plot’ as a Keyword, After 1950 = 19 Results
Washington: Biggest Purge Since 1937 Will Follow ‘Doctors Plot’
Daily Mail; Wilson Broadbent; January 14, 1953; Pg. 1

Purging Through Georgia

The Economist; April 25, 1953; Pg. 209

Doctor Plot Ministers Punished, Says Soviet
Daily Mail; A.P.; May 23, 1953; Pg. 1

Search ‘Khrushchev’ in Entire Document And ‘Gulag’ as a Keyword = 39 Results
‘On The Present State Of Lawlessness In Russia’
The Times; February 13, 1974; Pg. 9

The Country Of Gulag
The Times Literary Supplement; Nicholas J. Anning; February 22, 1974; Pg. 187

The Men Who Outface A Ruthless Regime
The Sunday Times; Hugh Trevor-Roper; June 25, 1978; Pg. 40

“Last Struggle Is Over For Nobel Laureate Who Exposed Horrors Of The Soviet Gulag” ,The Times; August 04, 2008; Pg. 4

Search ‘Khrushchev’ And ‘Georgia’ And ‘Stalin’ in Entire Document, After 1955 = 153 Results
Georgians Resent Their Idol’s Overthrow
The Times; March 19, 1956; Pg. 10

What They Are Saying

The Listener; March 22, 1956; Pg. 176

Stalin’s Feet Of Clay
The Economist; March 24, 1956; Pg. 639

Search ‘Brezhnev’ And ‘Afghanistan’ as Keywords, After 1978 = 55 Results
Brezhnev Rejects U.S. Call For Afghan Withdrawal
The Financial Times; David Satter; February 23. 1980; Pg. 26

Brezhnev Terms For Withdrawal
The Times; Michael Binyon; February 23, 1980; Pg. 1

UK Sceptical Of Softening In Moscow’s Attitude

The Financial Times; February 29, 1980

                                               “Brezhnev: Why We Can Pull Out” Daily Mail; June 24, 1980; Pg. 4

Search ‘Gorbachev’ in Entire Document and ‘Glasnost’ And ‘Perestroika’ as Keywords, After 1984 = 69 Results
Glasnost, The Soviet Press And Red Greens
The Times Literary Supplement; Neil Cornwell And Boris Kagarlitsky; December 25, 1987; Pg. 1430

Dissident Sees Opposition Growing To The Soviet State
The Financial Times; Leslie Colitt; May 11, 1988; Pg. 3

How Much More Of Gorbachev Can The Comrades Take?

Daily Mail; Ann Leslie; June 27, 1988; Pg. 20-21

Gorbachev Steers The Conference To Triumph Of Glasnost
The Independent; Rupert Cornwell; July 2, 1988; Pg. 6

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The Independent Russian Federation

Search ‘Boris Yeltsin’ And ‘Disintegration’ in Entire Document and ‘Soviet Union’ as a Keyword, After June 1991 = 59 Results
Gorbachev Destroys Communist Party In New Russian Revolution
The Sunday Times; James Blitz; August 25, 1991; Pg. 1

Will Yeltsin Choose Force Or Chaos?
The Times; Conor Cruise O’brien; August 28, 1991; Pg. 14

Soviet Union Struggles To Rebuild Itself
The Independent; Peter Pringle; August 30, 1991; Pg. 1

Search ‘Yeltsin’ And ‘Economic Crisis’ And ‘Reform*’ in Entire Document, After June 1991 = 159 Results

Yeltsin’s Poisoned Chalice
The Sunday Times; Matthew Campbell; December 29, 1991; Pg. 8

Slim Pickings For The Hungry Bear

The Financial Times; August 14, 1992; Pg. 10

Yeltsin Duels For Power In Moscow
The Independent; Andrew Higgins; March 11, 1993; Pg. 1

Search ‘Putin’ And ‘Chechen’ as Keywords, After December 1999 = 84 Results

Putin Plans Revenge Strikes On Rebels
Daily Mail; January 11, 2000; Pg. 4

"A Russian Soldier Stands Guard Of A Group Of Chechen Men Suspected Of Being Members Of Armed Rebel Units, In The Village Of Chernokozovo” “Putin’s “Liberators” Find A Welcome” Janine Di Giovanni, The Times; February 12, 2000

Putin Targeted By Chechen Assassins
The Sunday Times; Mark Franchetti And Marie Colvin; March 18, 2001; Pg. 26

Bush Sides With Putin Against Chechen Rebels

The Times; Roland Watson And Vanora Bennett; September 27, 2001; Pg. 13

Search ‘Medvedev’ And ‘Putin’ And ‘Tandem’ in Entire Document, After May 2008 = 22 Results
Tensions At The Top As Crisis Deepens
The Financial Times; Charles Clover; April 15, 2009; Pg. 1

Concerns Grow Over Russia’s Twin Tsars
The Financial Times; Charles Clover And Stefan Wagstyl; December 14, 2009; Pg. 4

Frost At The Core

The Economist; December 11, 2010; Pg. 27
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