Welcome to the Special Collections. Here we have gathered articles and images to mark various times across history. Comprising events and famous figures, the special collections below contain free resources from Gale NewsVault.

Gale NewsVault delivers single-point access to Gale’s ever-growing collection of historical British newspapers and periodicals making it the ideal resource for studying major events and famous people throughout history.

With content from The Economist, Financial Times, Daily Mail, The Times, and The Listener, to name just a few, you’ll gain a multitude of perspectives on the same issues, dependent on the paper’s bias and sympathies, to aid in forming your own analysis and opinion.

These collections are:

First World War

Second World War

Battle of Waterloo

U.S. Civil Rights

Fall of the Berlin Wall

History of Modern Germany

Russian Rulers

Winston Churchill

Margaret Thatcher

Nelson Mandela

W.B. Yeats

T.S. Eliot

Dylan Thomas

Cricket World Cup

World Cup

Robert Browning

Charles Dickens

The Queen