Discover pro/con perspectives from authoritative voices

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to violent video games. Opposing Viewpoints in Context is interdisciplinary and supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes.

Scope and Depth

Opposing Viewpoints in Context supports virtually any curricular need. It is informed, differing views present each side of an issue and help students develop critical thinking skills and draw their own conclusions. Exclusive Viewpoint pages bring balance and perspective to every controversy using targeted arguments from recognised subject-matter experts and top journalistic subject-matter experts and top journalistic sources.

Reference Content

  • 19,000+ pro/con viewpoints
  • 13,000+ topic overviews
  • 1,000+ court case overviews
  • 300+ profiles of federal agencies and special-interest groups

News and Multimedia

  • Videos, podcasts and streaming audio
  • Easy-to-search image galleries
  • National and global news sources
  • Full-text articles from authoritative sources
  • Interactive maps
  • More than 12,500 charts and graphs, along with other statistical information


First-year and second-year undergraduate students attending writing courses and English Language Preparation courses find Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC) useful because it has short easy articles that are easier to read compared to articles in other databases. It can also be a source of inspiration as it presents recent controversial issues. The maps and lesson plans are particularly useful. OVIC contains a satisfying number of different kinds of sources e.g. reference, news articles, journal articles etc. so a student can see different types of sources in terms of content on a single page without having to use a lot of databases. It is a good starting point for debatable topics and for beginners who are taking their first steps in research. We would recommend OVIC especially to other universities/colleges which are in non-English speaking countries.

Reference Librarians at John S. Bailey Library at DEREE-The American College of Greece