Turn learners into thinkers

Student Resources In Context offers cross-curricular content and presents that material in the way most useful for students.

Scope and Depth

The challenge to impart vital 21st Century Skills is made easier with Student Resources in Context. This unique portal provides stellar support for papers, projects, and presentations that reinforce development of skills like critical thinking and problem solving; communication; collaboration; creativity; and innovation.

Reference Content

  • Gale Encyclopedia of World History: War
  • Global Events: Milestone Events Throughout History: Europe
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
  • Encyclopaedia of World Biography
  • World Religions Reference Library
  • Discovering Authors 
  • And many more titles delivering primary and secondary sources

News and Multimedia

  • Full-text newspapers and periodicals, including The New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, and many more
  • Thousands of video and audio selections, from archival film clips to broadcast video, NPR, and more
  • Topic-searchable image galleries
  • Interactive maps


Thomas Kolborg, Librarian at Silkeborg Library, Denmark
We promote Student Resource in Context (SRiC) emphasizing the quality it represents in comparison with the often quite random Google search results retrieved by the young. It is very convenient for our young patrons (aged 17-20) that they can use SRiC from their homes, and it is quite customary for these students to write about topics relating to Anglo/American themes.
The topics section is much used and is very practical when one wants to find information relating to a subject.  Also the convergence and presentation of different kinds of sources about the topics work well and seems to be well received by the users.
Students highly use SRiC as we hold one-to-one talks with the students, called ‘Book en Bib’ – Book a librarian for 30minutes where we explain to the students the ins and outs of gathering information, and if students chosen topics are relevant to SRiC the database is presented. This model renders a high degree of user motivation and subsequent usage. Would recommend subscribing to SRiC.

Dina Lemming Pedersen, Librarian at Aurehoej Gymnasium and Gentofte Main Library, Denmark
As a librarian in a Danish High School I use Student Resources in Context (SRiC) a lot and encourage my students to use it. It doesn’t need much persuasion as the interface is very good and easy to use, so once students know SRiC exists they are happy to use it. SRiC has some of the popular topics that the students often write about: Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Jazz Age, Women’s Rights, specific novels (1984, The Catcher in the Rye and many more), WW1 and WW2 and time periods such as 1920s, 1960s etc. The content can be used on different levels; the introduction is sometimes enough but can be combined with for example reference articles or academic journals. Librarians love it and can’t live without it. I recommend SRiC for schools and public libraries – it is an indispensable supplement to our book collection when a lot of students pick the same topic as it can be used by unlimited number of users at the same time.