Women: Transnational Networks

As a resource for study of gender, societal rules and class – all key categories of research for the long 19th century – Women: Transnational Networks supports research in history, sociology, women’s studies, medicine and a host of other disciplines. The collection’s scope of content from worldwide sources gives this archive a truly international perspective.

Researchers and scholars will find rare content related to:

• Social reform movements and groups
• High and “low” culture
• Literature and the arts
• Immigration
• Daily life
• Religion

Collections include:

Britannia: Official Organ of the Women's Party, Library of Congress
British Birth Control Material at the British Library of Political and Economic Sciences: 1800-1947, London School of Economics and Political Science Library
Suffragist, 1913-1921, Library of Congress
Votes for Women, 1907-1918, Library of Congress

Documents were sourced from the British Library, Library of the Society of Friends, London School of Economics and Political Science Library, and many others.

Advisory Board Contributor:

•    Kathleen Banks Nutter, Archivist, Smith College - http://www.smith.edu/libraries/staff/kathleen-banks-nutter