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The complete facsimile run of The Sunday Times is an important resource for all humanities and social sciences courses, especially in:

•  History and Cultural Studies

From major world and British events to stories of everyday life in the 19th and 20th centuries, the paper has always aimed to publish all the news that is fit to print.

The opening of the Suez Canal, 1869

Assassination of Archduke
Franz Ferdinand, 1914

Civil war in Ireland, 1922

•   Media Studies

From its early days as a 4-page paper, crammed with columns of narrow text, through to its current incarnation as a modern, illustrated broadsheet, The Sunday Times is the archetypal weekly newspaper – an ideal subject for studying the evolution of the press.

Victoria's accession to the throne, 1837

Millenium edition, 2000

• Literature and Theatre Studies

Poetry and reviews of new books have been a key feature of The Sunday Times since its inception. Predating the TLS by 80 years, the 19th century The Sunday Times reviewed and commented on many classic works of the Victorian period, as well as many that are now long-forgotten. From the very first issue, The Sunday Times had a dedicated theatre correspondent, reporting on the latest London shows. Praise, criticism and gossip mingled in its regular theatre column for over 180 years.

Literature Column, 1868

Review of Henry Irving's Macbeth
and Ellen Terry's Lady Macbeth, 1888

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