Chatham House Online Archive Case Studies

Chatham House Online Archive, the digital collection of the world-leading centre for policy research on international affairs, gives an unprecedented window into the thoughts and reasoning of key figures in international affairs.

Below we examine eight themes to show how the past can shed light upon current issues.

October 2014

A united family of nations?
Iraq, Syria and the response of the UN

(PDF, 192KB)

Sowing the seeds of dissent?
Tracing the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

(PDF, 181KB)

An unstoppable contagion?
International politics and the response to the Ebola outbreak

(PDF, 244KB)

On thin ice?
Climate change: ozone success amidst emissions rise

(PDF, 187KB)

December 2014

Tracing the Origins of Recent Protests in Hong Kong:
A 'Highly Problematic' Democracy?

(PDF, 682KB)

Tracing Britain's Relationship with Europe:
An Uncertain Member of the Community?

(PDF, 656KB)

Reflecting upon the 'War on Terror' and its Global Ramifications:
Dealing with the Unexpected

(PDF, 228KB)

Examining the Case for Catalan Independence in Spain:
Managing the 'Fires of Discontent'

(PDF, 675KB)