About The Independent Digital Archive, 1986-2012

The Independent Digital Archive, 1986-2012 is a digital collection that covers the full run of the newspaper from its very first issue until the end of 2012.

Through an intuitive interface and multiple search paths, users can search, retrieve and browse every article, page and edition of the newspaper, gaining insight into this crucial period of 20th/21st century culture and society and how the media represented it.

Featuring journalists and columnists from across the political spectrum, the paper is generally regarded as centrist, taking idiosyncratic views on the free market, social issues and culture.

As part of the Gale NewsVault programme, The Independent Digital Archive brings a major alternative perspective to the news of the day presented in other Gale NewsVault archives, particularly the more conservative and establishment-supporting views contained in The Times Digital Archive and the Daily Mail Historical Archive.

The archive includes The Independent on Sunday (1990-onwards) and editions from 2005 are available in full colour.

Key Features of The Independent Digital Archive

The Independent Digital Archive is part of the Gale NewsVault programme. Gale NewsVault delivers the definitive cross-searching experience for exploring Gale’s range of historical newspaper collections, including The Times Digital Archive, Picture Post and The Listener. Providing access to over 11 million digitised facsimile pages, and more than 400 years of content, Gale NewsVault provides an unparalleled window to the past.

Gale NewsVault  is available to all Gale historical newspaper collection customers now, at no additional charge, enabling users to cross-search all of the Gale newspaper collections held by your institution.

Please note: Our databases and digital archives are only available for institutions to trial and purchase. They are not available at this stage for individual subscriptions. For individuals seeking specific content within one of our resources, Gale, part of Cengage Learning does not have the rights to provide this service. If you wish to obtain a specific article, issue or book, please contact your library and enquire about online access to our products. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.