About The Independent

The Independent is a major British daily national newspaper, launched in 1986 as an antidote to its often overtly politicised rivals. Its evolution over a quarter of a century has been considerable but it has throughout that period retained a unique position in British journalism.

Over the last 30 years The Independent has taken strong campaigning positions on issues such as the legalisation of drugs, the War on Terror and the environment.

It received the “Newspaper of the Year” award in 1987, its first full year of publication, and by the end of 1988 its circulation had risen to more than 400,000. This success led to the launch of the Independent on Sunday in January 1990.

Featuring journalists and columnists from across the political spectrum, the paper is generally regarded as centrist, taking idiosyncratic views on the free market, social issues and culture.

As part of the Gale NewsVault programme, The Independent Digital Archive will therefore bring a major alternative perspective to the news of the day presented in other Gale NewsVault archives, particularly the more conservative and establishment-supporting views contained in The Times Digital Archive and the Daily Mail Historical Archive.

Why is The Independent a useful source?

  • A major UK national newspaper

  • Researchers and lecturers are reporting an over-reliance on The Times as a source. The Independent Digital Archive will provide political balance to Gale NewsVault. As a broadly centrist publication, it provides an essential alternative voice to the centre-right and right wing views of The Times and the Daily Mail.

  • Multiple newspaper archives help provide a diversity of perspectives on the past.

  • Innovative and radical design has been a key feature throughout its existence. Media and journalism courses will benefit from studying the evolution of its mould-breaking layouts and presentation of the news.

  • Consistently attracts high-quality journalists and writers, such as William Rees-Mogg (former editor of The Times), Rosie Boycott (feminist journalist and founder of Spare Rib magazine) and authors such as Bill Bryson.