Innovative Design in The Independent

The Independent has consistently distinguished itself with innovative graphic design and prominent use of photography, often forcing others to follow suit.

It is regarded as having sparked a freshening of newspaper layouts in the 1980s, while in 2003 it became the first paper to produce both a broadsheet and “compact” version, becoming compact-only in 2005 - a successful appeal to cramped commuters that caused The Times and The Guardian to follow suit.

In 1996, editor Andrew Marr introduced a radical overhaul of the paper, with a new concept for the front page that was described as both “brilliant” and “barmy”, and unlike anything that had been seen before.

In the 21st century The Independent has become known for its highly unorthodox and eye-catching front pages, which have often relied on full-page images or graphics rather than traditional headlines and written news content.

For example, on 29 January 2004, following the publication of the Hutton Report into the mysterious death of British government scientist David Kelly, the front page of The Independent simply carried the word "Whitewash?".

The 5 April 2007 edition, reporting on the resolution of a hostage crisis, could be turned either way up to show a different headline, depending on whether one thought that Iran or the UK was the victor.