Notable Contributors to The Independent

Andrew Marr
A well-known political journalist and commentator who hosts a number of influential programmes on the subject on the BBC. He edited The Independent for a brief period in the 1990s, as well as writing political comments.

William Rees-Mogg
A extremely influential journalist, former editor of The Times, and Member of the House of Lords, he was a columnist for The Independent from its founding in 1986 until 1992.

Dominic Lawson
A British journalist and former editor of The Sunday Telegraph who wrote columns for The Independent from 2006 to 2013.

Robert Fisk
The Middle East correspondent for The Independent for more than two decades who has been ‘International Journalist of the Year’ seven times, he is famous for being one of the few western journalists to remain in Beirut during the height of the civil war and for his interviews with Usama bin Ladin, accounts of which are printed in the newspaper.

Francis Wheen
Author and broadcaster who has written for Private Eye, and who authored a book on Karl Marx, as well as broadcasting on shows such as The News Quiz and Have I Got News For You.

Andreas Whittam Smith
A financial expert who was the founder and first editor of The Independent, a position he held from 1986-1993. He also edited the financial sections of The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, was the president of the BBFC, and has started the UK pro-democracy movement ‘Democracy 2015’.

Jonathan Fenby
A journalist and expert on modern China who was Home Editor of The Independent from its launch until 1988.

Janet Street-Porter
Well-known and often controversial journalist and broadcaster who edited the Independent on Sunday from 1999.

Rosie Boycott
British journalist who founded the feminist magazine Spare Rib in 1971, and later founded Virago Press, dedicated to women’s writing. She edited The Independent and the Independent on Sunday from 1996-1998, and was a leading voice in the newspaper’s campaign to legalise cannabis.

Tracey Emin
Controversial British artist who has written articles on her works in The Independent.

Helen Fielding
British writer famous for her iconic comic creation Bridget Jones, whose famous ‘Diary’ started life as a column in The Independent.

Sebastian Faulks
British novelist famous for the World War I drama Birdsong, among others, and for his appearances on TV and radio. He was literary editor for The Independent from its inception in 1986, and became deputy editor of the Independent on Sunday in 1989.

Howard Jacobson
A prize-winning Jewish novelist and journalist who has written a number of opinion articles for The Independent, of which those attacking Zionism have been particularly influential.

Will Self
Famous author and journalist who has written pieces for the Independent Magazine on aspects of the urban environment.

Bill Bryson
American writer and British resident, famous for his travel books and latterly his explorations of travel and language, he was business section editor for The Independent in 1986 and 1987.