Why search the Times Digital Archive, 1785-2010?

More than 220 years of in-depth, award winning coverage

People & Places

•    Discover family history – search the births, deaths and marriages classified notices
•    Read the obituaries of the rich and famous
•    Use the law reports and news coverage of trials to delve into crimes from across the ages

•    104 winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature since 1901
•    The first photographs taken on Everest and reports on the doomed attempts to reach the summit before Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953
•    Follow Dr David Livingstone’s exploration of Africa

War & Conflict
•    Learn about the Crimean War of 1854 and why both region and religion contributed to the conflict
•    Chart the history of the Northern Irish conflict throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the violence and the attempts at resolution
•    Research the events and politics leading up to WWI and WWII and the effects of these wars on all countries involved

Opinions & Debate
•    Discover how the National Vegetarian Societies’ perceived food rationing during periods of war
•    The perception of world leaders such as John. F. Kennedy
•    Readers’ letters illustrate the popular view: debating the virtues and downfalls in Margaret Thatcher’s policies in the 1980s,

Transport & Living
•    Chart how fashions have changed from the bustle to the mini skirt
•    Bicycles to bullet trains, sails to spaceships, stagecoaches to steam trains: discover how people used to travel
•    Return to 1932 where you could buy a house in Hampstead for £1,375

Entertainment & Leisure
•    Follow the emergence of Hollywood, the growth of the cinema and the icons that emerged such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean
•    Learn about the Impressionist movement, who were the key players and what reaction did society have to this new type of art
•    Examine how leisure activities and pastimes have changed

Advertising & Crosswords
•    Browse through the classified ads to see people selling teeth and wanting servants through to the day’s cinema and theatre listings
•    Find a range of Guinness adverts from 1930s where Guinness is recommended on health grounds by doctors
•    Discover that Colgate used to be famous for their shaving foam not their toothpaste