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Users  have access to the complete run of The Times Literary Supplement. Among over 300,000 reviews, letters, poems and articles users will find the contemporary criticism of scholars such as Christopher Ricks and George Steiner, the reviews of award-winning novels of A.S. Byatt and Joyce Carol Oates, the philosophical works of Thomas Nagel, Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins and also track the discoveries of explorers Redmond O’Hanlon and Robin Hanbury-Tenison.

Until 1974, writings and influential criticism of hundreds of the 20th century's most important writers and thinkers were kept anonymous to foster open discussion. The TLS Historical Archive now discloses the identity of these contributors.

The value of the TLS Historical Archive lies in its extensive cross-disciplinary reach, as the only literary weekly to offer comprehensive coverage of the latest and most important publications in multiple languages, across all areas of the humanities and social sciences.

This unique digital collection offers thousands of book reviews - fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and covers every area of the visual and performing arts including film reviews, plays reviews and reviews of exhibitions, opera and theatre. It contains topical essays and criticism in the areas of science and medicine; art and architecture; history, music and religion; politics, economics and philosophy; exploration and sport; as well as engineering and town planning.

A mutli-disciplinary resource

  • Alison Desforges’ book reviews on Rwandan genocide including, Season of Blood: A Rwandan journey by Fergal Kean (15 August 1997)
  • Howard Temperley’s book review of Rough Crossings: Britain, the slaves, and the American Revolution by Simon Schama (18 November 2005)
  • Penny Young’s article on the  Middle East, ‘The weeping  olive tree’ – review of Palestine & Palestinians, Alternative Tourism Group (14 October 2005)
Art and Architecture
  • Douglas Cooper’s book review of Great Paintings in America by  Fiske Kimball (16 February 1951)
  • Virginia Woolf’s poetry review of The Old Huntsman and Other Poems by Siegfried Sassoon (31 May 1917)
  • Ian Hamilton’s Leading Article on censorship, ‘Foul Play’ (27 April 1967)
  • Keith Miller’s article ‘Reviled at heart’ – film review of Gus Van Sant’s film Elephant and Lars von Trier’s film Dogville (5 March 2004)
  • John Warrack’s review of Interpreting Wagner by James Treadwell (18 June 2004)
Museum Review
  • T.J. Reed’s review of the Jewish Museum in  Berlin (5 October 2001)
Religion and Science
  • Tim Flannery’s article ‘Howling Monkeys’ – book review of The Ancestor’s Tale: A pilgrimage to the dawn of life by Richard Dawkins (19 November 2004)