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Reviews of the TLS Centenary Archive

Reference Reviews 2010, vol 24, no. 5
Review by Stuart James, Previous Editor and Librarian, University of Paisley, UK

"The back numbers of the TLS have long been legendary as a store of treasure for anyone interested in twentieth century literature. But until now they have remained partly buried treasure…We could hear only one end of the century’s literary conversation. Who was it who took that view of Proust or Eliot or Freud, of Solzhenitsyn or Seamus Heaney? How much weight should be attached to this early recognition of talent or that denunciation? We could only guess.

Now we have available across the world an archive which will not only provide the full text of the TLS over the years, but wherever possible reveal the identity of every contributor and include biographical information."

Ferdinand Mount
Former Editor, Times Literary Supplement

" are the reviews and articles of the Times Literary Supplement, from its inception in 1902 through 1990, all available online in full text. In addition, the database identifies the contributors of the reviews and provides information and a link to view a facsimile of the original article...[Search] results are easy to navigate, the page images are clear, and enlarging them is simple. The content is key here: having full text access to almost 90 years of TLS is quite valuable. Libraries that support holdings in literary studies, book review sources, and UK history and culture will find this resource enormously significant."   - Reference Reviews (May 2002)

"This database contains more than 250,000 reviews, letters, poems and articles from more than 5,000 issues of the Times Literary Supplement. For the first time, many anonymous reviewers have been named."  - Lawbook Co., 2007